Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Large real estate transaction just west of the City of Lake Worth

From a story by Jeff Ostrowski at the Real Time blog about a property just west of Lake Worth that recently was sold:
     An office complex at 2290 10th Ave. North changed hands this week for $7.4 million, according to property records.
     The two-building project includes 104,000 square feet of office space. It’s just west of Interstate 95 in an unincorporated area. The new owner is KAS Datura of Coral Gables.
Here is that property as seen on Google Maps:
This property is located immediately east of the E-4 (Keller) Canal. You've likely driven over the canal hundreds of times without noticing it's there. On the City of Lake Worth Zoning Map (below) note the "yellow X"; the property is north and west of the city limits of Lake Worth (areas in white are unincorporated Palm Beach County). If you live in Lake Worth and would like to know your zoning visit this site provided by the City
Above is the zoning map for the Lake Worth Park of Commerce. The dark red is "Mixed Use - West (MU-W)"; the blue is "Industrial - Park of Commerce (I-POC); and the green is "Public (P) [City owned property]".