Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Post editorial today smacks down the incinerator critics

From the Post editorial:
It’s a classic win-win [the county incinerator importing out-of-county trash]. But a vocal group of critics, put off by the troubling image of this county serving as a dumping ground for other regions, has used an ever-shifting list of rationalizations to oppose it. The opposition prompted county commissioners last month to postpone a final vote on the proposition until February.

These rationalizations have been debunked one after another. No, importing trash will not unleash hordes of out-of-town garbage trucks on county roads. No, it will not hurt the county’s tourism industry. It won’t create unusual amounts of noise or unpleasant smells. And importing trash will not cripple the county’s landfill.

So critics are now seizing on the last and perhaps weakest argument for rejecting this proposal: the fact that the “tipping fee” charged to out-of-county trash haulers would be lower than the ones paid by county users.