Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A "Farm to Table" story about...spinach

Farm to table is not a fable! The Post's Susan Salisbury has this story about harvesting spinach in Belle Glade. You learn that the spinach you buy in our downtown Publix was harvested only 48 hours prior to placement in the display case. Who would have thought the farming spinach was so high-tech? From the article:
The Fresh Attitude brand of salad blends in the distinctive clear plastic boxes is sold in Publix Super Markets and Costco year-round. During the winter, all the product comes from the muck fields of Belle Glade in western Palm Beach County.

Chances are the baby spinach and other leafy greens produced by Veg Pro International were harvested just 48 hours before being placed in the retail display case, said Sylvain Racette, Veg Pro’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The quick turnaround is true for Veg Pro’s product produced in the Glades during the winter and being sold within Florida.
Also from the story is a video of the harvesting process.

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