Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Three major projects on the Planning and Zoning Board agenda this week

Here is the agenda, with the projects highlighted below:

These are all within the area known as the Park of Commerce. For more information and the entire Planning and Zoning Board packet this month, click here.

This is good to see for a number of reasons. It is proof that the local economy continues to recover and that Lake Worth is again on the map in terms of a place to invest and build. During the Great Recession, the city lost nearly 2/3 of its assessed property valuation. Construction in the Park of Commerce will increase values of property there, which will go directly to the General Fund.

If you can't make the meeting this coming Wednesday at 6 p.m., you might want to tune in to the live feed from the Commission Chambers.


Anonymous said...

Take me out to the ballgame! The seventh inning stretch and John Prince Park is back at the top of the list. Stay excited everyone. Win or lose it's great to have ElDub talked about.

Outspokin' said...

Our P/Z board is crucial going forward. Losing John Rinaldi was a terrible setback. With so many projects coming up there is no time for OJT. Hopefully Commissioner Mcvoy appointment will be up to the job.