Saturday, November 8, 2014

Some sort of elaborate Chinese Fire Drill protest near Briger yesterday

Yesterday, Panagioti Tsolkas and his EarthFirst! friends staged a protest at the Briger Tract in Palm Beach Gardens. Before reading part of the story by Linda Santacruz below, it might be helpful if you read my post describing a trip I took to the area recently, just 11 days ago.  In my post is a map showing where the Briger Tract is. Note the the tract is east of I-95 and most people concerned about our environment in Florida agree that western sprawl west of I-95 is getting out of control.

The Briger Tract is seemingly ideal for a community and there are existing communities east of the tract. The video that is part of the Palm Beach Post article has Mr. Tsolkas mentioning the Mandell JCC and Grandiflora Rd. You can see both of these locations on the map I provide (see link above).  Palm Beach Gardens says that all development approvals are in place.

Here is an excerpt from the article by Linda Santacruz:
The group blocked the forest’s construction entrance with a disabled van with two women chained to each other through the windows. The vehicle’s battery was also removed and dumped in a nearby lake.
PBSO deputies cut the chain connecting the women and they were both arrested. Another man was arrested after he admitted to parking the van in the location.
The trio faces additional charges of resisting officers without violence, unlawful assembly and traffic citations for blocking and damaging a roadway.
The battery was recovered from the lake to prevent any chemical spills. [emphasis added]
Here is a picture from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Dept. that shows the battery from the van Everglades EarthFirst! threw into the lake. Hopefully no Green Indigo snakes were injured or poisoned!

Now that some of our EarthFirst!/anarchist friends are in the legal system they may want to reference this article here in the Everglades EarthFirst! journal about a protester accepting a plea deal and his collaborators journey on their way to court some day soon.

Just another day at the office.