Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Best Places to Eat Breakfast on the Beach |

More from the Good News Department: Benny's get rave reviews for a beach eatery in Palm Beach County. Other locations just get a mention. Click title for link.
At Benny’s on the Beach, there are those amazing variations of French toast to savor — Stuffed Red Raspberry Granola, Nutty Almond, the Island version topped with strawberries, kiwi and coconut — not to mention seafood Eggs Benedict for every taste (choose your poisson: smoked salmon, crab cake, lobster).
But with the January arrival of executive chef Jeremy Hanlon, whose culinary chops include stints at Daniel Boulud restaurants in New York and Palm Beach, as well as a competitive slot on Food Network’s “Chopped” series, Benny’s has undergone a makeover that, while not as radical as the casino renovation just to its north, nevertheless breathes fresh ocean air into the 28-year-old landmark.
No mention of Mulligan's. I hear that they have a $14.95 breakfast buffet now. I have been there all of three times, all of them regrettable. No mention of John G's. I guess they are not oceanfront anymore. Oh, well.