Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Hummingbird Hotel

In last weeks Lake Worth Herald, 9/18, Helen Vogt Greene wrote an article about the renovation of the old Hummingbird Hotel. Here is an excerpt:
     "Daniel Gorman, of Universal Exports, is no stranger to recreating the beauty of history. Lake Worth is fortunate to have Gorman's latest project - The Hummingbird Hotel. The name is not new, but the vision and the results will bring new life to 631 Lucerne Avenue.
     The Hummingbird Hotel was, since 1921, the McCarty or New McCarty Hotel. The original owner was Mary A. McCarty. McCarty was part of the company owned by A.D. Clark Insurance. Clark, Mayor from 1923-1926, sold insurance and was a prominent realtor in Lake [Worth] for 39 years. She was an active member of the Board of Realtors.
     The hotel remained the McCarty Hotel until c.1995 when Rose Belanger and JoAnn Davis purchased the hotel. They changed the color, refurbished the rooms and renamed the hotel - The Hummingbird."
To read the entire article, read more news about Lake Worth, FL, and contemplate the musings of our "Pelican Pete", go to LWHerald.com

Here are some pictures taken last weekend of the location:

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