Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mr. Nice Guy - Taste Test - Going back to one of my older product reviews

Today I reveal  my much-anticipated review of the drink called “Mr. Nice Guy.” First, here is a little background. On June 4, 2014 in the Palm Beach Post there was an article about entrepreneur Dylan Harrison. He got into a little trouble a while back; old news now. Anyhow, he partnered with a gentleman named Ron VanTassel to produce his new beverage called: “Mr. Nice Guy.”

After reading the Post article, I went to the 'Mr. Nice Guy' website. There I noticed a 'Contact Us' link and sent a quick note requesting a sample to review and giving well wishes to Mr. Harrison. Two days later, a pleasant young man came by the house and dropped off ten cans for me to sample and review. Just by coincidence I had a contest going on at the time and used 'Mr. Nice Guy' as the prize and received additional reviews. You can read about my contest here.

The cans are cute and fit easily in the hand. Upon opening, the smell is fresh and effervescent The drink flavor, upon tasting, can be described as "Chillicious Berry" and perfectly carbonated. I carried the beverage into my bedroom whilst I browsed through my Kindle for the day's readings. Soon, I felt a slight tingling sensation across my upper back. Something like you would feel after a gentle massage. Just the right drink before bed time which is exactly what 'Mr. Nice Guy' is for. In big letters they have the word, “RELAXINOL” and on the can they have their 'Mr. Nice Guy' motto:

“When the day is over, or work is done, get your head right & Relaxinol. Cool calm & carefree is the way of Mr. Nice Guy. ENJOY THIS CAN & BE NICE.”

Note to self: Save a can in reserve for the other blogger in town. She could use a little relaxation.

Soon, I found my eyes falling off the page and had to put my reading down. Turning off the light, I adjusted to the fetal position and soon it was morning. I was wide awake and fresh as a daisy.

The product is manufactured in the USA and the office of 'Mr. Nice Guy LLC' is in West Palm Beach, FL. Can you say, “Buy Local, Drink Local, Relax Local.”

The reviews, including my own, are very favorable for the product and it does exactly what it claims. On the can under “Supplement Facts” they list their proprietary blend of amino acids and other ingredients. No doubt these ingredients cause the calming and soothing effect of the drink. There is also a warning on the drink: “May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate machinery after consuming.” Sound advice.

I give Mr. Harrison, Mr. VanTassel, and their product, 'Mr. Nice Guy' two thumbs up. Just be safe and wait until you get home before consuming. Drink Up, Relax, and Be Nice! And put down that heavy mechanical equipment.