Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mary Lindsey Reporting about Evening on the Avenues last night

"Amazing how each Friday Evening on the Avenue is unique. Tonight was no exception. The band was great, but the girl who soloed was amazing!!! Nice crowd of mostly locals, lotsa kids and lotsa people on the Porch. The big show was in the sky with really spectacular lightning. The rain held until about 9:30 I think, but not many people left; they just moved inside the beer garden tent and the Front Porch! We finally closed up about 10:30.
Thanks to Judy and Mark Easton who helped out all night and to Bill and Elizabeth O'Donnell who brought two extra large and very hot pizzas for everyone. We all enjoyed meeting a very young and talented artist (James) who kept us captivated as he twisted and wove palm fronds into roses and little creatures like a sunfish and a grasshopper.
Three or four new residents to Lake Worth stopped in to find out what the Neighborhood thing was all about and how they could get involved and Front Porch regulars, like Tammy Pansa, Greg and Lori Rice, Nancy Jarrell and Seamus were there to tell them! Sounds like any other night on the Front Porch, but I dunno - it just felt different. Maybe it was all the electricity in the air from the lightning. Who knows? Anyway, we'll be back for the next EOA in two weeks! See Y'all then."  Lake Worth Voice on Facebook, 10/3/14