Saturday, June 7, 2014

Received: An interesting e-mail this morning from a loyal reader. It includes a test.

Remember this post/quiz? It's from back on May 23rd. I published a comment this morning that I had held off until the results were in as it would give the author away. Here is how the tally went through various e-mails and phone calls.

McVoy = 12
Dorsey = 0
Rinaldi = 7
McNamara = 2
Golden = 0

None of the above wasn't an option, but two people expressed that choice in their vote. The real answer, as it turns out, is John Rinaldi from one of his many entries on the other blog. The winners get a free can of Mr. Nice Guy. Just come by the house to pick yours up. You all have been notified :)

Here is a quiz for you, Mr. Blackman, blogger extraordinaire and noted gentleman. Following are two observations by an opponent of the Lake Worth 2020 project. These observations, written within a year of today, entirely contradict this person's recent stance on the issue. After the two observations we have a test. A multiple choice test. We challenge you to choose the correct person. Read carefully:

“If our roads, water system, and sewer systems are falling apart because no former commissions spent a dime to upgrade them what do you suggest we do? As you point out, we only have 28 million to run the city. Why don't we have 40 million? The answer is simple. No one will invest here. They go to other cities where they see a stable environment to grow. I wish that we could all agree to face this reality and come up with alternative solutions if you disagree with the commission. Instead here in lake Worth we attack each other personally, year after year and as a result we have little to show for it.”


“We all want the city to succeed but we differ in how we should do that. I keep seeing all these personal attacks that folks inflict on good people in this city and I really believe it is counter productive to solving our problems. So if you believe we should not borrow money to fix our roads and infrastructure then state what we should do and where we will get the money to do it.”

Who said this? Was it:

A. Lake Worth Commissioner Christopher McVoy
B. Atlantis resident Dennis Dorsey
C. Lake Worth Business owner/P&;Z Chair John Rinaldi
D. Former Lake Worth P&Z member Lawrence McNamara
E. Former Lake Worth Commissioner JoAnn Golden

We can start working on the prize for the winner. How about a old, rusty and patched "custom" 2 inch water pipe delivered to your dwelling, signed by Lake Worth Water/Sewer Utilities Director Larry A. Johnson?

Of course, yours truly is not eligible to compete.