Sunday, May 11, 2014

Twin towers planned for West Palm Beach |

Palm Beach real estate investor Jeff Greene has more plans for downtown West Palm Beach. This time it is north of the courthouse and will include 2, thirty story highrises. To think that we argued about the difference between 45 and 65 feet. Really. Anyway, here are more details from the article. Click title for link.
For Greene, height is important for his West Palm Beach project: “At that height, you still get some (water) views.”
Plus, Greene thinks building a taller but skinner building will be less objectionable than a shorter complex that blocks the vistas.
Greene acknowledged the West Palm Beach complex is a a huge project, but he said he’s already working to obtain financing. He knows he has to have a certain amount of office space pre-leased to tenants to obtain a construction loan and start building.But he’s excited about the amenities he plans for the complex. Not only will the office tower be a “state of the art architectural office building,” Greene said, but the second tower will consist of a five-story hotel downstairs, condos upstairs, a health club, a restaurant, and outdoor and indoor tennis courts.