Monday, May 12, 2014

Point of View: Spring-training deal would have helped Gardens |

One Palm Beach Gardens' resident (who probably lives in a residence there) comes out swinging on how the baseball stadium was handled, or bungled, in that community. He points to an outside PR brought in by people in moneyed neighborhoods to stir up trouble so they could still meet their tee times without excess traffic. Maybe so. But it is a lesson not to be swayed by those that veer from the truth and refuse to see the longer term economic benefit a stadium such as this would have. Click title for link.
"Shame on Palm Beach Gardens councilors for being so tragically shortsighted. Losing a chance to bring a clean business to town that would have created financial ripple effects through the community.

With the new All Aboard Florida train starting, and proposed enhancements to the Tri-Rail system, many more visitors will have access to the area’s stadiums — bringing in yet more dollars.

I wonder which state legislators, especially gubernatorial hopefuls, will weigh in on saving Florida East Coast spring training come election time.

If the new stadium deal dies, there should be signs prominently listing the legislators and town officials who voted to kill the deal, and erect the signs on the site of the proposed stadiums!"