Sunday, May 11, 2014

More on the "World Class Diversity" claim by the Residents of the Residences of Lake Osborne...

I'm still drilling down on the 2010 Census data from the area in question. But there are certain conclusions that we can make about the demographics of this area in general and how it relates to the overall characteristics of the entire city of Lake Worth.

The above map shows census tract 50 in Palm Beach County which includes the area bounded by Lantana Road on the south, Congress Avenue on the west, Lake Worth Road to the north and I-95 to the east. The shaded area in the upper right hand part of the map are those properties within the incorporated area of the city of Lake Worth. The area also includes most of Lake Osborne (the water body), John Prince Park, Palm Beach State College and the Lantana Airport. All of those areas are unpopulated. The area shown in white on the map is unincorporated Palm Beach County, which accounts for a little less than half of the populated area. There is a small portion of the Town of Lantana in the lower right hand corner of the tract.

This is the racial breakdown for the entire City of Lake Worth:
Population 2010: 34,190
Percent breakdown by race and ethnicity:
White: 60% (Florida 75%)
Black or African/American: 19.8% (Florida 16%)
Hispanic or Latino: 39.6% (Florida 22.5%)

This the racial breakdown for census tract 50 is:
Population: 4,894
Percent breakdown by race and ethnicity:
White: 75.3%
Black or African/American: 9.1%
Hispanic or Latino: 29.4%

Conclusion: This area is less diverse than the city of Lake Worth as a whole.

More to come. (Source: 2010 U.S. Census)