Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Houston Astros owner talks baseball with Palm Beach County |

Here's the latest on negotiations over a site for a spring training stadium in Palm Beach County. This article says that John Prince Park is out since it is deemed too small for a two team stadium. This article focuses on the site at 45th and Haverhill in West Palm Beach, but there seem to be a lot of moving parts with that arrangement. Click title for link to the Joe Capozzi article. Here is a bit from this one:
The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals are focusing their pursuit of a shared spring training baseball complex on 160 acres in West Palm Beach south of 45th Street between Haverhill Road and Military Trail.
The teams indicated that an 84-acre site in John Prince Park west of Lake Worth “is too small for the two-team facility that they currently envision,’’ County Administrator Bob Weisman said after a meeting Tuesday between the teams, the county and the city of West Palm Beach.
You can go back to this article from April 1st and read where things were then. John Prince Park was not being considered. Then, on April 26th, John Prince Park is again on the table. Right now, it is anyone's guess what is really going on.