Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gulfstream Hotel to be renovated after escaping foreclosure - South Florida Business Journal

Here we have an article from the South Florida Business Journal about the sale of the hotel. Some of the financing details are released. Here is what Jeff Perlman, former Mayor of Delray Beach and someone who works for Carl DeSantis, says this. Click title for link to full article.

"Perlman said the details of the renovations to the hotel haven’t been worked out, but they won’t change its historic façade. Its first goals are bringing in a top-notch restaurateur and finding a brand to manage the hotel. He also plans to upgrade the rooms and the interior, but they have yet to select an architect to hammer out the details.
“The hotel is a gem, and we want to polish the gem and bring out the historic charm in it,” Perlman said.
The deal also included two vacant acres. Perlman said they haven’t determined what to build on that land."