Wednesday, May 14, 2014

For first time, minor and no-party registrations eclipse Republicans in Palm Beach County

These numbers tell a lot. It seems as though there is a fracturing of the Republican party, locally and nationally. What these portends for the mid-terms is up for debate. Click title for link.
For the first time ever, more Palm Beach County voters are registered with no party or minor parties than with the GOP, according to today’s voter statistics from the county elections office.
As of this afternoon, there were 235,487 registered Republicans in the county and 235,508 voters registered with no party affiliation or with minor parties, according to the county elections website, which updates daily. There are also 366,450 registered Democrats in the county.
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The percentage of Republicans in the county has fallen from 40.2 percent in January 1994 to 33.2 percent in January 2004 to 28.1 percent today. The percentage of registered Democrats has slipped as well, but the drop hasn’t been as steep. Dems were 48.2 percent of all county voters in 1994 and are 43.8 percent today.
“It’s not a big shock,” county GOP Chairwoman Anita Mitchellsaid today. “I think the country is moving in that direction. It makes it more important that we articulate our message and make it clear why those people should vote Republican.”