Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ultra Alert Larry the Lenz walks in on what evolved into a Tree Sit!

I don't know if it was the color that attracted him, but Larry was on patrol today and spied a tree that had been painted blue about 15 feet or so up from the ground. It was found on North H Street by the outdoor gym.  I mention the color since the paint used was a hue very close to Larry's dermis (that's just south of his epidermis). He was able to get an overall shot of the situation, while he heard the roar of the protesters.
After poking his sensitive lens around the base of the tree, there they were! It looked like the same group of protesters; the ones that have been seen a few times in Bryant Park. They had set up a base camp to plot their next move and Larry was able to catch them before the real action started.

As if previously orchestrated, they actually mounted the subject tree and started one of their famous "tree sits." Check out these breathtaking pictures. These protesters turned out to show the skills of mountain goats!

How a vehicle got up where it was is anyone's guess!

Somehow, Larry managed to wiggle up the tree himself. This photo may not be suitable for work. You can see the protesters' holes. Larry maintained his propriety, but he'll sleep well tonight fer sure.

Thanks for your great work Larry - you're the best!