Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Letters: Electric car owner didn’t think it through |

No, he didn't think through the fact that he was part of a condominium association. Oh, well. Click title for link to letter, but it states the obvious. That is one of the good things about living outside a formal condo or homeowners association. Those are the kind where there are significant dues and common areas and you just can't do everything you want. 

I remember going back more than 20 years ago, I visited the "Bluffs" development in Jupiter for a party. It is a very large condominium building near the water. As I remember it, all the units were facing a central parking area and could see the entire area from their walkway next to their unit. I had backed into my parking space. After being at the party for about 2 or 3 hours, I went out to my car and there was a slip placed on the windshield wiper referring to chapter and verse in the association's rules stating that backing into a parking space is not allowed and that this would be the final warning. My next infraction would get the vehicle towed at my expense.