Friday, January 31, 2014

FL Ag Commissioner Warns Panama Is Future Competitor « CBS Miami

Panama City a competitor with Miami as a Central and South American financial capital. With the expansion of the canal comes more attention and commercial opportunities. Check out what Florida's Agricultural Commissioner is saying upon returning from the country. Click title for link.
While Florida has been bulking up its ports and transportation infrastructure in anticipation of the completion of the widening of the Panama Canal, the Sunshine State may need to up its game amid infrastructure investments being made by Panama, Putnam [Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam] said. “The skyline of Panama City looks exactly like the Miami skyline, but it’s two or three times bigger,” Putnam said. “The number of international banks that are moving into Panama is striking.
The investment they are putting into public works, not just the canal, but in roads and airports, I think poses an economic challenge to South Florida that we need to be prepared to meet.”