Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cities learned to do more with less during recession |

A commendable review of how many of the counties 38 municipalities suffered during the Great Recession by Kevin Thompson of the Post. Many municipalities kept their trucks and other vehicles longer, as well as cutting staff levels. City Manager Bornstein in quoted twice in the article. This is one of them. Click title for link.
The recession hit Lake Worth particularly hard because the city had so many problems before the economic downturn, said City Manager Michael Bornstein.
The city’s streets, sidewalks and drainage were literally falling apart, Bornstein said. “Nobody’s going to invest in the city if the roads are falling apart,” he said. “Do the meat and potatoes first before you do something fancy. Fix the roof that’s leaking before you go out and buy a Lexus to put in front of your house. We’re in our 100th year, but it’s almost as if we’re rebooting and starting over.”
The beach project is really Lake Worth's "Lexus" parked on our oceanfront.