Friday, January 31, 2014

Central Palm Beach County cities vow cooperation on... |

The MPO is mentioned again in this meeting covered by the Post's Eliot Kleinberg. This is the second of a series of meeting between municipalities who share similar geography and demographics in eastern Palm Beach County. Transit was discussed, along with this exchange about Dixie Hwy. Click title for link. The meeting was held in the LW Casino building.
West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio, whose business is in Lake Worth, said the cities should coordinate on changes to the Dixie Highway corridor.
She noted revitalization efforts on the south end of West Palm Beach and into Lake Worth, and along Broadway from West Palm Beach into Riviera Beach, but bemoaned that the road has almost no on-street parking in any of the cities.
Riviera Beach Council Member Terence Davis dreamed aloud about a trolley route from Lake Worth to Lake Park, bringing people to shopping, food, entertainment and waterfront activities in all the cities.
“How can we tap into that corridor and that resource to be one big market brand?” he asked.