Friday, January 31, 2014

Attack ads ignite debate at candidates’ forum |

Politeness does seem to be a casualty of Town of Palm Beach elections. This year's seem especially nasty, perhaps due to the fact that there hasn't been one since 2010. You really do owe it to yourself to pick up a Shiny Sheet - probably this coming Sunday's edition would be a good one. The political ads in it have been unusually raucous. Sunday should be the peak - their election is next Tuesday. Click title for link. Here is a taste:
“I am very disappointed that backers of my opponent Penny Townsend would stoop to printing mailers distorting facts, slinging mud and being generally mean-spirited, all in their zeal to prevent the passage of the PUD-5,” Feldkamp said. “Possibly the most important issue of all in this town is to act civilly and treat one another with dignity and respect.”
Robinson held up a full-page ad printed Thursday the Palm Beach Daily News slamming the Royal Poinciana Way zoning ordinance and stating it will “encourage the demolition of historic buildings.” The ad was paid for by the Palm Beach Preservation Alliance, William Cooley’s political committee.