Sunday, July 7, 2013

Payment decisions loom for big projects |

Someone is taking seawall replacement seriously in the area. Palm Beach is planning an "Accelerated Capital Improvement Program" which will include work on seawall construction and fortification. You might recall that that since the new Casino building is built seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line and the value of the improvements to the building reached 96% of the value of what was there and since the foundation was not fortified to withstand a washout by a major hurricane, the city is relying on the integrity of the existing seawall to protect the public investment in that project. 

There have been cosmetic improvements to the seawall and a superficial study about the condition of the seawall, but nothing done, to my knowledge, about how the seawall performs as it relates to current standards. One was required by the Florida Building Code prior to the occupation of the building, technically, but we have been given assurances by the city administration that the actual integrity of the seawall is being looked at. Commissioner McVoy dissed the notion of the seawall condition as a "red herring" during a City Commission meeting last year. I wonder what the status of this is now?

Click title for link to the article in the Palm Beach Daily News.