Sunday, January 1, 2017

Worth Another Look: Radical cheerleader and her New Year’s salute in 2012. You can’t make this stuff up!

[Note: The blog post below is from 2012. Please be patient, the videos take a few moments to load and you'll enjoy some of the comments below.]
From the program notes:

In 2005, a danceoff was called between Lake Worth and Miami young radicals. The competition was so brutal and almost damaging, the dancers agreed that instead of competing again, we would work together, - “Never a Danceoff, Always a Showcase” - and thus South Florida United Queer Dancers was formed.
     This year, Miami called for an Apocalyptic Pop & Lock Showdown at their New Year’s Eve party for 2012, and the competition was back on. This is Lake Worth’s performance.

That’s our former City Commissioner Cara Jennings leading off the video as Dancin’ Kim. She can really “Pop . . . and lock it!” And Version II:


Wes Blackman said...

Things to contemplate: 1) Why? 2) Why two versions? 3) Don't the crowd reactions sound the same in the two versions? and 4) Why?

Anonymous said...

Why not? Seems like they are having fun, which is more than I can say for most people in this town. Everyone in LW could use a little loosening up once in a while

Wes Blackman said...

I guess when someone says "Kill all the m_____f______s inside" - Yeah, that's just having fun.

Russ said...

Damn scummy hippies an' they stoopid pop dance fads! Get a damn job! An' stay off my lawn!!!

Wow. Making fun of the profoundly bourgeois practice of (white) suburban highschool cheerleading squads cribbing urban hip-hop breaks. Badly. As street theater it's pretty lame... radicals definately aren't what they used to be. We are not being served. Brutal? "Oh, it's ON, bitches."

As to the offending violently suggestive remarks by radboy? The equivalent of chest thumping. He won't bring it outside that comfort zone of theirs 'cause he knows the consequences wouldn't be pretty if mouthed at the wrong person. And they know who we are.

Seriously, not worthy of outrage.
There are bigger fish to fry.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Cara grow her own food? Unless she's wearing padding under her clothes it looks like she's growing chocolate cakes in her back yard.
Just think some 40 year olds are trying to cure cancer, others volunteering at their churches. Lake Worth's 40 year olds...