Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Lake Worth leaders vow business-friendly climate

Click title for link to PBP article on some of the new Commission priorities. Interesting that Jeff Clemens is quoted as saying it is hard getting anything done with a two year election cycle, he who has that now with being a state representative. Of all of Lake Worth Mayors in recent history, I would rank him as one of the least effective and perhaps one that did the most harm. It was while he was on the dais that the city broke the Greater Bay public/private partnership agreement (which is not only costing the city a whole bundle of legal fees to defend, but will likely end up with a serious judgment against the city that will make the hill steeper to climb), brought in "drive-thru" Bob Baldwin, City Manager (who dealt with none of the city's long standing challenges) and used the position of Mayor to gain visibility for his eventual run for the State House seat. His endorsement of Rachel Waterman for Mayor in this last election was being true to the PBC Democratic Party apparatus, but her election would have been disastrous to Lake Worth in the long haul. But, you have to admit, as politicians go, he is a good one. There are good used car salesman too.