Sunday, November 13, 2011

Letter to the Editor sent to the Palm Beach Post...

Your coverage of the recent Lake Worth elections was marred by the use of the word “rowdy” when
describing the Pam Triolo Victory Party at the Casa de Mara last Tuesday evening. Those of us that
worked as Poll Watchers for 13 hours enjoyed this thoughtful celebration of thanks from the candidate.

Merriam Webster states that rowdy means: coarse, boisterous or rough, as characterized in local bars.
A more appropriate adjective would have been: jubilant, ecstatic, victorious, triumphant, energized,
cheerful, exuberant, gleeful, animated, exhilarated, jovial, merrymaking, joyous, spirited, inspired, or
vivacious, but certainly not “rowdy”. Perhaps your reporter was having a Rick Perry moment.
In any event, it would be propitious to buy him a new Roget’s International Thesaurus for Christmas.

Ed Sherry

2507 N Federal Hwy, Lake Worth FL 33460

This is penned by a neighbor who attended the election eve party and happens to live across the street from our new Mayor.  For those of you that still take the paper version of the PBP, keep a look out to see if it is published.