Monday, September 26, 2011

Lack of Yearly Pass at LW Boat Ramp: Kryptonite for Kayakers...

From: Stanley Sands, 907 18Th. Ave. N. , Lake Worth
To Rachel Waterman
Reference: Coffee with the mayor at Farmer Girl.
    Thank you for allowing me to discuss my complaint concerning the city not following through with Ord # 2009-23 section 7-54 C ( concerning letting city residents purchase a yearly $50 boat trailer parking permit for Bryant park in lieu of buying a daily $10 pass)
    You explained to me that because the county financed the project that they won't allow the city to allow only city residents to buy the yearly pass.
    I have a very simple solution to the problem. Lake Worth would establish the yearly permit in such a way that any resident of Palm Beach county could purchase the permit.
     Palm Beach county can't prevent that from happening because no county resident is being excluded.
 The county already furnishes annual boat trailer parking permits for 5 other boat ramp sites in PBC for $37 per year. 
    It seems to me it would be a simple matter for Lake Worth to do the same for it's one boat ramp at $50 per year!
    In the meantime, I ,as a Lake Worth tax payer, will drive to the nearest PBC boat ramp site which is "Jim Berry Light Harbor park in Riviera Beach" to launch my Kayak instead of enjoying a local  site much closer to my home. I refuse to pay a hefty $10 fee each and every time  I want to enjoy our local waterway
    If you, as mayor and the city commission were to institute such an easy modification to that ordinance, it would certainly make me a happier Kayaker. Many other Lake Worth small boaters who have complained about this issue will come to know that there are elected officials that make things happen.They will know that no city or county is trying to nickel and dime us out of enjoying the many natural waterway attractions that  we have here.
    Thank you in advance for taking positive action on this issue and good luck with every initiative you take on that improves life here in Lake Worth.

This was sent to the entire Commission and the City Manager, as well.