Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bar wins battle with Lake Worth, can stay open past 2 a.m.

Can we pick better hills to die upon? Another failure in an attempt to defend a defenseless position on the part of the City Commission. Notice that those voting to deny the bar's request were Jennings, Golden and Mulvehill - supporters and representatives of the current dais majority. Stanton apparently still is having trouble deciding whether or not to appeal. I always thought it was interesting how the churches in the area were so concerned about a bar open until 5 a.m. What does a church have going on from midnight to 7 a.m.? What would an inside bar have as an impact to a near-by church at those hours of the night? Aside from a moral judgement on the activity by the church, the City Commission and a few neighbors, what business is it of theirs to impinge on a long-standing pattern of business by a bar at this location.

What is the overall strategy in management of the many (160 plus and counting) lawsuits the city is facing? Is there any awareness that it might be good to cut the city's losses in some of these cases? Up until now, it seems to be a policy to blindly follow what might be a series of indefensible actions on the part of the city. The Greater Bay lawsuit is likely the next one to bear bitter fruit, after spending $600,000 in defense of the city's position.

Click title for link. At least the Post is publishing this, I guess they think they have to.


Anonymous said...

I cant speak for the other lawsuits, only the one I have filed.After obtaining permits to replace siding on my house I was red tagged cause the neighbor didnt want it repaired. Since the old siding was already removed by commencement of permit, I had no siding on two walls so we had to cover up with plywood while we tried to unravel the reason for red tag. Then your beloved code enforcement came and cited me for you guessed it: no water tight walls ie no siding. After 4 years and 7 interim building officials the work was completed in 4 weeks. I even have a copy of an e mail from the zoning dept that says I should try to find a way to apply for a permit that wont upset the neighbors. Oh and since for 4 years I was not allowed to repair the house the fines ran to 96 k . You bet your a** Im suing.

Russ said...

Sorry, there's more to that story you aren't revealing, Anon. FOUR YEARS? How can a complaint from a neighbor regarding a PERMITTED improvement red tag a repair job for that period of time?!?

Back on topic: This bar has been in operation under several names over the years, closed a couple of times for extended periods, but to my knowledge was never a problem location. It's a neighborhood watering hole, rather cozy and nice in it's most recent incarnation. The city has no business directing PBSO to interfere with any legal business operation; acting on neighborhood complaints or law enforcement issues (serving minors, drugs, etc.) are another thing. That's not the case AFAIK. That in some way the nearby church was "polled" regarding operating hours is a red herring... the only statute considered is proximity to another bar. Continuous occupancy and operating hours by a single entity aren't an issue either, licensing is. Sneaker's is one example. My permit allows operation until 5AM as well, but we choose not to. At any rate, congratulations to the owners... I may need to go by at an ungodly hour for a cocktail just to pay my respects.

Anonymous said...

The church gave up their rights to judge anyone morally a long time ago when they let their employees (priests) have their way with kids.
Will the city allow me to open a strip club next to the church? I'll close at 3 am just for them.

Anonymous said...

Why are you picking on the "church's? Supposedly they were sent a questioner by the city of Lake Worth asking if they were in favor of having the bar stay open till 5am, the "church's", said no. A loaded question, would you expect them to say?


Anonymous said...

Dang 9:22, why so angry, something you wanna talk about, somebody hurt you?

There are plenty of good ole' little league baseball coaches, teachers, who are sicko child molesters ect, ect.

Who said the church is judging your morality, why the paranoia?


Anonymous said...

Not in favor of bars open until 5 a.m. but I thought the same thing when I read the Post article. Can the City win any legal case, who is managing our litigation, are these folks competely inempt?

Wes Blackman said...

I am also not in favor of 5 a.m. bars, but they had a case that the court believed and the city didn't. The decision at the Commission level was pre-determined as well. Much like the Gulfstream Hotel appeals, really.