Friday, July 1, 2011

Latest horror story from Lake Worth Utilities Customer Service...

Today, a single mother with a young, asthmatic son, owed some $476 for her monthly utility bill.  She was only able to pay $400 of that bill, which she did, giving the cashier the money through the window.  When she got home, her electricity was shut off.  She now owes the re-connect fee, the past due $76, plus her current bill which means she needs over $500 to turn her electricity back on.  It is the beginning of a holiday weekend, meaning that even if she did come up with the money, the power wouldn't be turned on until Tuesday at the earliest.  This after coming and going to and from a public building that smells like a Monkey House (overwhelming urine smell upon entry.)  The kicker is that the father, who faithfully pays for the utilities, happened to work at John G's and is laid off due to their move to Manalapan.

This is not about where we get our power from - it is about customer service which is under the complete control of this City Commission and administration - and we have seen no improvement under this regime. It turns out that since the child is asthmatic, the household is eligible for a medical exemption - but this was never told to this resident/customer.  We should keep her, and every other Lake Worth Utilities customer, including ourselves, in our prayers - especially upon entering that building.