Friday, August 21, 2009

Noise Regulation is a Complex Task

Click title for a link to just one source found on the Internet. There are many others. Who will be vested with responsibility of using the meter - code enforcement (at night with a drastically reduced staff?), the Sheriff (they won't collect the money at the beach, would they do this task?) Will it be a progressive disciplinary system - first a warning and then other steps leading up to what? And, all this must be done with calibrated equipment that can meet a test of the court - as this is where most claims end up - especially if a municipality goes so far to attempt business closure or shortening of hours of operation.

Does the Commission know what they are getting into? Don't we have other priorities? This is interesting to think about - we don't have a Comprehensive Plan in compliance, we have a work-in-progress set of land development regulations (zoning code), questionable expertise in the zoning staff and city attorney re land use issues and we are going to tackle one of the most difficult to administer/enforce provisions of zoning?

It's sort of like a guy who runs an ice cream truck suddenly thinking that tomorrow he'll be successful making French pastries.