Sunday, August 30, 2009

Does anyone else think this is a little backwards?

This is from this past week's City Manager's report. The City Commission is having its first reading on the 2009-2010 budget on Thursday, September 3rd. The City Manager is asking for the Commission to prepare "extensive and comprehensive" goals within 7 days - and this is somehow supposed to be integrated into the budget process for this year. And it is interesting that the City Manager brings up the process for the Park of Commerce. There is $250,000 of city money that is supposed to be used as matching money for a federal grant to perform an infrastructure needs analysis - which is what the city exactly needs to do in order to go on with the development of the Park of Commerce. I am afraid that the grant-phobic Commission has other ideas. More on this later...
Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Wes Blackman for City Commissioner District #3