Sunday, August 30, 2009

Does anyone else think this is a little backwards?

This is from this past week's City Manager's report. The City Commission is having its first reading on the 2009-2010 budget on Thursday, September 3rd. The City Manager is asking for the Commission to prepare "extensive and comprehensive" goals within 7 days - and this is somehow supposed to be integrated into the budget process for this year. And it is interesting that the City Manager brings up the process for the Park of Commerce. There is $250,000 of city money that is supposed to be used as matching money for a federal grant to perform an infrastructure needs analysis - which is what the city exactly needs to do in order to go on with the development of the Park of Commerce. I am afraid that the grant-phobic Commission has other ideas. More on this later...
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Anonymous said...

A couple of points made in the dismissive missive from the CM. "The beginning of the process..." sounds like this can is going to be kicked soundly down the road. And of course give me your in-depth, comprehensive goals in seven days certainly tells you that she is interested in hearing their suggestions but really in uninterested in implementing them.

Wes, your point about the grantophobic Commissioners brings to mind the Commissioners grumblings over the County $5m. To wit, they really, really want the $5m but they just can't understand how the County would be so callous as to dictate what the money spent on. After what? six years and countless assurances that we have our act together I think it wise of the County to throw Lake Worth under the bus on this $5m. The bond has been illegal now for two years, yes they are, by law, supposed to spend bond money not put it in the bank and earn money. By this I mean, the County has been penalized for the unspent Lake Worth authorization for the past two years.