Tuesday, June 2, 2009

EDITORIAL: The governor can't hide

Click title for link to PB Post editorial on Governor Crist signing SB 360 which would severely weaken growth management laws in the state of Florida. From the opinion:
Supporters say that Senate Bill 360 will improve the state's growth management efforts by removing unnecessary restrictions in urban areas. But the bill creates a ridiculous definition of "urban area." Tiny towns, such as 400-person Briny Breezes, qualify. So would rural areas along State Road 7. In all, eight counties and 245 cities qualify, including all cities in Palm Beach County along with Stuart, Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie on the Treasure Coast.
This is the worst part of the legislation - including a very liberal interpretation of what are considered "in fill" areas. We should be promoting in-fill development, but rural areas have no place in this legislation. Elimination of the Development of Regional Impact process is another major problem. Even though I am against the enactment of this legislation, I am sure that a certain "Princess and the Pea" blogger will find somehow to make it seem like I endorse it. So it goes.

Too bad for the future of the state of Florida.