Friday, March 8, 2019

Archery Tag TONIGHT from 7:00–9:00 in the City of Lake Worth!

The playing field is at Harold Grimes Memorial Park. Directions to this public park (including a map) are at the end of this blog post.

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Archery Tag is sort of like Dodgeball but with a bow and arrow with a tip of foam rubber and a set of rules. Break the rules and you get to sit on the sidelines and watch all the fun.

Playing Archery Tag will teach teamwork and athletic skills one can use in every sport: Baseball and basketball and even prepare future football players and cheerleaders for the Lake Worth Jaguars football team and cheer program.

Want to learn more about this sport? Then contact Mr. Ben Kerr, PIO, at 561-586-1631 or send an email to:

And remember to say “Hello!” to Mr. Ben Kerr when you get there — he was a feature news story in The Palm Beach Post by long-time journalist Joe Capozzi last October — a must read for future All Stars of Archery Tag.

What follows is more information from the City’s Dept. of Leisure Services, Dir. Lauren Bennett said last month:

“Archery Tag provides a unique recreational experience and we here in Lake Worth are proud to be one of the first municipalities in South Florida to offer it.

“One of the key benefits is that participants of all ages can take part and play together, at last week’s session [referencing game on Feb. 22nd] children were playing alongside adults and all were able to have fun.”

Without further ado, directions to Harold Grimes Memorial Park.

The actual street address for Memorial Park is 515 South A Street.

If you choose to drive and take 6th Ave. please pay attention to traffic patterns and signage near I-95. The best option for many would be taking A St. south or north to play Archery Tag this evening.

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And the most important thing to remember about Archery Tag: Follow the rules and have fun!