Saturday, December 22, 2018

“Let me chime in, for the record, Ed Liberty, director of the utility. . .”

Watch and listen to Mr. Liberty for yourself. The City’s YouTube video is at the end of this blog post.

The public here in the City of Lake Worth, residents of suburban Lake Worth and customers of the Lake Worth Electric Utility (LWEU) in the Village of Palm Springs will find this video very informative (FYI: For the City’s Interactive GIS Web Mapping Gallery use this link).

Earlier this year was Budget Work Session #4. Several budget topics were on the agenda and one of those items were updates about LWEU from Dir. Liberty. Remember, this meeting was a Budget Work Session. No votes are taken at work sessions or workshops and a quorum is not necessary to proceed. The meeting began with only commissioners Omari Hardy and Herman C. Robinson present and later Mayor Pam Triolo was in attendance as well.

This Work Session lasted about 1½ hours and the video below begins at the twenty-minute mark. Near the end of the video, at the one hour and thirty-six minute mark is some very sobering news about the City’s municipal golf course, e.g., every year about $60–80K has to be refunded because of too much water on the course, another infrastructure issue to fix courtesy of The Best Commission Ever! or just BCE! for short.

You see, the golf course has too much water a lot of the time and the municipal pool at the Beach was losing water at the same time. The pool is now condemned and the golf course is still hanging on. Anyhow. . .

Without further ado, “Let me chime in, for the record, Ed Liberty, director of the utility. . .”