Saturday, October 13, 2018

Who is still talking and getting all worked up about tattoo parlors in the L-Dub?

Remember back over the Summer when some tried to stir up all kinds of trouble about tattoo parlors?

Three months ago the biggest and top business news about the City of Lake Worth was not about tattoo parlors. Not even close. Whilst that tail was getting wagged in the L-Dub the movers and shakers and consumers of business news were reading real estate journals like The Real Deal.

Below is business news in South Florida, news
about a sometimes mythical place called
the “Park of Commerce”.

How big was that news? From one business news source about that place west of I-95 off Boutwell Rd.? Very big. Read the news below from The Real Deal, one of the top sources for business news in South Florida. By the way, when The Palm Beach Post ignores this business news you know it’s big.

Whether or not another tattoo parlor opens up Downtown is very good news for the press, TV news, ‘kicks’ and social media clicks. But in only a few days it was on to the next ‘shiny object’. Yes, later on there was some grandstanding at a City board and then at a City Commission too but the press and media by then had moved on. Tattoo parlors were an old, tired story.

What happens in the City’s POC will impact this City for decades to come. What happens in the POC may very well lower your millage rate. Some day a company supplying tattoo parlors with equipment and ink could open up in the POC and then no one will care a whit any longer how many tattoo parlors this City has. How many employees does the typical tattoo parlor employ?

For those of you who missed this news. . .

From The Real Deal, “South Florida Real Estate News”:

Headline: “Game manufacturer buys Lake Worth building for Florida HQ”

Three excerpts from this news story:

Benchmark Games International just purchased its new Florida headquarters in Lake Worth for $8.25 million, only a few months after the seller paid $5.35 million for the property.
     A company managed by real estate developer and aircraft industry investor Robert G. Fessler sold the 72,000-square-foot warehouse at 2201 Fourth Avenue North for about $115 per square foot.

and. . .

Benchmark Games manufactures and exports coin-operated gaming machines and ticket dispensers around the world. In April 2017, the Belgian skill crane manufacturer, Elaut, bought the company. Benchmark Games will be moving from its 55,680-square-foot location at 51 Hypoluxo Road.

final paragraph. . .

     Palm Beach County’s industrial market is less active than in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, but still recording big deals in Lake Worth. [emphasis added] Last year, the Silverman Group paid $30.7 million for two industrial buildings in the city. An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the Lake Worth property as the company’s new headquarters. It will be the new regional headquarters.

Click on this link to read the entire article in The Real Deal.

Do you know where the POC is located? Click on this link for a map and much more information.

Whilst on the topic of the City’s POC, below is an eight-second video of the groundbreaking last March heralding in the new infrastructure and road construction along Boutwell Rd.

[L–R: Commissioners Herman C. Robinson (District 4) and Omari Hardy (District 2), Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell (District 1), and City Manager Michael Bornstein. Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso (District 3) was out of town on City business.]

Enjoy the video!