Monday, May 28, 2018

Just in case you missed this yesterday, a blog post about an urgent request:

An urgent request for volunteers: “PLEASE! Can you commit to ½ hour one day a week for 8 weeks?”

“Heads Up Everyone in this
City of Lake Worth. . .”

Here is the urgent call for volunteers
from Mary Lindsey:

This year’s reading proficiency test scores for our 3rd graders have been published* and they are not good! Could you volunteer and help by reading books to kids coming to school for breakfast or lunch?

Your Lake Worth Little Free Libraries (LFL) has a way for anyone willing to help these kids get better at reading. You can volunteer and commit to:
  • Reading to children for ½ hour one day a week (Monday–Friday).
  • For 8 weeks (June 5th–July 27th).
  • YOU pick the school (see list below) and YOU pick the time (see draft calendar below).
  • For more information email Mary Lindsey at:

Where do the books come from?

The Little Free Libraries have the books!

So when the kids show up for a FREE breakfast (8:00–8:30) and lunch (11:30–noon) provided by the PBC School District, volunteers with books from LFLs can read to these children and then hand out books for them to take home.

Schools in the City of Lake Worth participating in this food program and need volunteers are:

  • Barton Elementary, 1700 Barton Rd.
  • Highland Elementary, 500 Highland Ave.
  • North Grade Elementary, 824 North ‘K’ St.
  • South Grade Elementary, 716 South ‘K’ St.

Here is the draft calendar for LFL volunteers:
“YOU pick the time and YOU pick the school.”

*See the results below. Completely unacceptable. These reading levels have to go up. The Little Free Libraries can most certainly help to turn this situation around. 

Folks, this is just terrible news. Twenty-four percent are reading at Level 3 at Highland Elementary? Barton and South Grade aren’t much better. North Grade elementary is leading at 50%?

Click on image to enlarge:
Mary is asking, “PLEASE! Can you commit to ½ hour one day a week for 8 weeks?”