Friday, February 2, 2018

Palm Beach Post staff writers Alexa Silverman and Eddie Ritz: Important news about the City of Lake Worth.

As you’ll learn at the end of this blog post, reporter Greg Angel confirms Alexa Silverman’s report about what is happening today and tomorrow at 601 Lake Ave., at the historic Robert M. Montgomery, Jr., Building located in Downtown Lake Worth.

Mr. Angel should know. He interviewed Jason Newsted himself last December. See the video for yourself below. So. Are you looking for something to do today, tonight, and tomorrow?

Then seriously consider attending one or both of these events in the City of Lake Worth as reported by Angel, Silverman and Ritz:

First, from staff writer Alexa Silverman is news about “Last call for Newsted’s ‘Rawk’ exhibit”:

Rock enthusiasts and art connoisseurs may [sic] want to head to the Cultural Council this weekend, because “Rawk – The Art of Jason Newsted” exhibit is about to leave the building.
     Former Metallica bassist-turned-artist Newsted began his visual venture nearly 15 years ago, reworking everyday materials and canvases to imagine new landscapes and figures through a color palate of infinite possibilities.

and. . .

So stop by the council’s main gallery by Saturday [TOMORROW!] to see what’s all the rage.
  • When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and Saturday
  • Where: Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, 601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth
  • Tickets: Free
  • Info: 561-471-2901 or click on this link.

Now about the reporter Mr. Eddie Ritz:

If you recall, it was Mr. Ritz who first broke the news about “Gooey marshmallows and chocolate nestled comfortable between two Graham Crackers” at the City of Lake Worth’s Beach Bonfires.

Well guess what?

There’s a Beach Bonfire at the Lake Worth

Learn more about that and much, much more by clicking on this link.

Now, briefly, more about the “Rawk – The Art of Jason Newsted” exhibit at the Palm Beach County Cultural Council.

For more information call Judith Czelusniak at 561-471-1602 or send an email to:

The Palm Beach County Cultural Council is located in the exciting and vibrant City of Lake Worth’s Downtown, 601 Lake Ave., at the historic “Robert M. Montgomery, Jr., Building”.
     Public hours are Tuesday–Saturday from 10:00–5:00, closed on Sunday and Monday.
     There is FREE, 4-hour parking along Lake Worth’s Downtown streets. There is also a public parking lot on the east side of ‘L’ Street across from the Cultural Council’s building.

Now. On a very sad note. . .

Former CBS12 (WPEC) reporter Greg Angel is no longer with us. One could say he moved on to what some refer to as “the Magic Kingdom”.

Below is a video of Mr. Angel’s final CBS12 news segment interviewing the artist Jason Newsted, former guitarist for the band Metallica at the Cultural Council on December 1st, 2017. The very next day the venerable reporter Greg Angel left us and he will be missed by everyone here in the City of Lake Worth.

Angel, in the video below, is wearing the red tie and blue shirt.

Mr. Angel will always be known as one of the best of the best, ever, all-time. However, to fill the void are a new wave of reporters such as the multimedia journalist Andrew Lofholm at NBC5 (WPTV) and Maxime Bentzel at CBS12 to carry on the torch. To follow Bentzel on Twitter click on this link.

If you would like to reach out to Greg Angel use this link to contact him on Twitter as well. He is now a reporter up in Orlando — very near “the Magic Kingdom” — doing news reporting for News13, an affiliate of Charter Communications.

Enjoy the video!

[By the way, the young lady in the video