Thursday, March 22, 2018

Question: “Do you know who Dr. Epps is?” The answer is below.

Please pause here momentarily.

Note the blog post below that starts off with the title, From reporter Wells Dusenbury. . . is from December last year following very good news from school board member Erica Whitfield about Lake Worth High School. . .

. . .and some very bad news about the Lake Worth High School football team, the Trojans.

So continue reading to find out who Dr. Epps is, about the Trojans’ 2016–2017 football season which ended up at 0-10, and then ask yourself this question:

If the Trojans football team at Lake Worth high School who, traditionally struggled to put together consistent success on the football fieldhad access to community WiFi at home — so every player could study the football playbook and do their own research about the sport of football — could that have made a difference and turned a few of those losses last year into wins?

Think about that for a bit and, once again, please remember, the blog post below is from December 2017:

From reporter Wells Dusenbury, “Micah Mays steps down as Lake Worth football coach”.

Wells Dusenbury is a sports reporter at the Sun-Sentinel. A University of Florida graduate, he previously worked at ESPN West Palm, contributing on their digital, TV and radio platforms. To follow the reporter on Twitter: @DuseReport

To read the entire article by the reporter
click on this link; two excerpts:

Micah Mays has stepped down as Lake Worth’s football coach after two seasons with the program.
     Mays will become the new athletic director at Palm Beach Lakes. He will begin that job in January.

and. . .

     The Trojans are coming off a tough 2017 season, finishing 0-10. [emphasis added] Mays, who took over for Jessie Hester two years ago, went 4-5 in his first season at the school.
     Lake Worth has traditionally struggled to put together consistent success on the football field. The school has only won two playoff games ever and last made the postseason in 2010.

About the YouTube video
below and. . .

Do you know who Dr. Epps is?

Last August [2017] at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting Palm Beach County School Board member Erica Whitfield introduced the new principal of Lake Worth High School, Elvis Epps, Ed.D.

For the blog post dated August 21st use this link to read about, “In their own words”.

Something tells me Dr. Epps will not tolerate another year like the 2017 football season at Lake Worth High School. And maybe next year’s [2018–2019] football players, if Chip Guthrie’s idea takes off, will be able to study and do their homework at home and access their new football playbook as well using FREE community WiFi:

“Providing internet access for our young students, many of whom don’t have computers at home will go a long way to helping raise our struggling schools’ grade rankings. This, in turn helps to attract more families to buy into our neighborhoods and invest in Lake Worth.
     Please encourage your elected officials to support this effort.”

Quote, August 2017, by Mr. Chip Guthrie, member of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

Enjoy the video.