Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Does this phrase sound familiar, “. . . an expensive and perhaps risky gamble”?

Maybe recently in the context of regional passenger train service here in South Florida? Anyhow, do you remember all the angst and hand-wringing over Palm Beach County’s newly-constructed trash incinerator several years back?

The newspaper clipping below is from a full-page ad published in The Palm Beach Post back in 2015.

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Does the Loxahatchee Sierra Club have any gas masks in children’s sizes too? The one shown above is too loose-fitting to provide any health benefit.

Anyhow, learn more about the County’s Solid Waste Authority using this link.

The banner headline in that full-page ad published in 2015 was:


During that unhinged debate back then the Sun Sentinel published an article about this trash incinerator that would burn trash, turn that waste into energy, and extend the life of existing landfills. Here is an excerpt from the article:

     Nearly a decade in the making, the incinerator on Jog Road will reduce the amount of waste dumped in the county's landfill by more than 90 percent. It’s expected to extend the life of the landfill by about 30 years and, at the same time, generate electricity to be sold to FP&L, officials said.
     In an average day, the incinerator will burn more than 3,000 tons of trash. That’s in addition to the 2,000 tons already incinerated at the county’s existing waste-to-energy plant, built in 1989.
     Between the two facilities, the Solid Waste Authority expects to annually generate enough electricity to power about 40,000 homes for a year.
     Though some environmental groups have raised concerns about potential air pollution, officials say the incinerators are a clean and safe alternative to landfills.

and. . .  

     In addition to reducing the garbage put in the county landfill, their use will reduce greenhouse gases.

But remember,