Thursday, October 5, 2017

From reporter Alanna Quillen at NBC5/WPTV: “New project could connect more boats to Intracoastal”.

After reading the news (see below) and watching the news segment video from two months ago about the Blueway Trail by reporter Alanna Quillen, ask yourself this question, “Why didn’t Lake Worth just pass Resolution 50-2017, supporting the C-51 boat lift on Consent and get it over with?” Why wait to bring up objections like Mayor Pam Triolo did?

Commissioner Omari Hardy publicly called for this resolution on August 15th after his patience wore thin waiting for the City to act. If anyone had objections why weren’t they brought up back then? Why wait for almost two months?

Thankfully, commissioners Andy Amoroso and Omari Hardy had enough of all this nonsense. The Palm Beach County Commission and most other neighboring municipalities passed their resolutions of support back in early to mid 2016.

Do you remember this news report by
Alanna Quillen
from last August 10th?

“For three years, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Lake Clarke Shores have been planning a boat lift to be built at Spillway Park in Lake Worth.”

Lake Clarke Shores Mayor Greg Freebold
was interviewed for this news segment:

“This will open up the access from the chain of lakes into the Intracoastal waterway”, said Greg Freebold.

West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio
was interviewed as well:

“In order for us to have gone as far as we have, we have had to address all those mitigation issues” [and then Materio is quoted] “We listened, over a year ago, of what the concerns were and we've been addressing them all along.”

When watching the video below do you see any “black” water? Three foot waves? Is the Blueway Trail a “dangerous project” as someone from the public said last night at the City Commission meeting?

The news segment video begins after
a short advertisement: