Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lake Worth City Commission “Regular Meeting” next Tuesday, Oct. 17th at 6:00.

See below for two excerpts from the agenda next week and also below are instructions how to download this agenda and look it over for yourself.

Please note: Earlier this year the City Commission increased the time limit for Public Comment of non-agendaed items from two minutes to three minutes. Despite trepidation and much concern some in the public would would abuse this extra minute, so far that has not been the case.

In the future, it may become three minutes across the board once again for all items on the Commission agenda like it was prior to former commissioners Cara Jennings et al. lowering the time limit to two minutes. Stay tuned as they say.

Here are two interesting items on the agenda:

  • Item 9L. “Consent Agenda”: Resolution No. 61-2017 - Aesthetic Feature Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation for the installation of a mural under the Robert A. Harris [Lake Worth] memorial bridge.
  • Item 12A. “New Business”: Internal Auditor Selection.
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Instructions: How to download the City Commission agenda:
  • Use this link to the City’s website.
  • Scroll down for “October 17 Regular Meeting”.
  • Click on “Agenda & Backup” and download will begin.
Yes. It’s that easy. Have something to say next Tuesday? Use this link to learn how to give Public Comment. The #1 Rule is always be respectful to the Chair, Mayor Pam Triolo.