Saturday, April 27, 2019

City of Lake Worth history: Hurricanes and the original Benny’s on the Beach.

Find out more about the original Benny’s below. And take note: When you go visit Benny’s you just never know when Bon Jovi and other celebrities will show up for the World Famous Tuna Tostada (see photo below) and delicious items on the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu at this surfside gem at the Lake Worth Beach.

According to Palm Beach Post journalist Julius Whigham II:

Bon Jovi and Peddie [Richard Peddie, owner of the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team] are not the first celebrities to visit the oceanside seafood restaurant [click on this link menu portfolio]. Lipton [owner Lee Lipton] said Fabio, Dr. Oz, Bob Saget and Serena Williams have frequented Benny’s. Last month, Vanilla Ice came for a meal.
     “We have a decent amount of well-known people who come through here,” Lipton said.

Now to those terrible hurricanes back in 2004:

From Post staff writer Nicole Janok, “Lake Worth moving to rebuild pier”.

Article subtitled, “The $2.8 million project is slated to begin in January and take approximately 10 months”.

LAKE WORTH — Longtime surfer James Linkins remembers the days when Lake Worth Beach had sandbars that produced killer waves. But ever since Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne destroyed the William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier two years ago, the waves haven’t been the same.”

Clipping from The Palm Beach Post,
October 28th, 2006.

Click on image to enlarge:

In 2004, on Sept. 4th, Hurricane Frances pummeled Lake Worth — then just two weeks later we got hit again by Hurricane Jeanne — winds estimated at 120 mph. To learn more about what it was like back then use this link.

BONUS! More City of Lake Worth history.

Do you remember the original “Benny’s on the Beach”?

In November of 2013 the 28-year-old Benny’s closed down, “the time has now come for us to say goodbye.” And the rest is history, as they say. Benny’s later reopened under new management and in August 2014 the Post’s Liz Balmaseda penned this article titled, “Benny’s on the Beach chef has new flavors to match killer view”.

Have you been yet? If you plan on going to Benny’s would highly recommend the Tuna Tostada. Excellent!

The owner of Benny’s is Lee Lipton; he has strong opinions about the Lake Worth Beach property, the Casino Complex, and particularly the since-closed and now-condemned municipal pool.

It would be a very good idea — when you’re planning to visit Benny’s — to make reservations. Avoid a long wait: call 561-582-9001.

The Tuna Tostada: Enjoy sushi-grade quality tuna with a “killer view” of our LAKE WORTH BEACH while watching the “killer waves” roll in!