Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From the Miami Herald: “Negron and Corcoran work to negotiate an end to the budget deadlock”

In case you didn’t know, The Palm Beach Post shut down their Tallahassee news bureau last December — let two veteran reporters go — and they still haven’t given their readers an explanation why.

But there is still the Tampa Bay Times (winner of 12 Pulitzer Prizes) and the Miami Herald (also the winner of two recent Pulitzer Prizes) if you’re looking for the latest news about Florida statewide.

Use this link for the latest about the budget negotiations in Tallahassee from the Miami Herald reporter Mary Ellen Klas, an excerpt:

“If the House had wanted to promote policy changes that said we will not fund much without non-recurring revenue, we should have reviewed it, had public input,” said Karen Woodall, lobbyist for the left-leaning Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy. “Instead, the House is using the budget as a tool to for the Senate's hand on philosophical policy differences.”

Staff writers Steve Bousquet and Kristen Clark contributed to this report.