Tuesday, January 17, 2017

[UPDATE] Mr. Omari Hardy: Taking on a huge challenge in the City of Lake Worth.

Stay tuned for videos of last night's (1/16) candidate forum. Sources tell me Omari Hardy was the big star of the night, generating the most excitement. And Chris McVoy, PhD, the incumbent, showed up late. Anyone surprised?

Remember, ever since 2011 when a former commissioner in District 2, Cara Jennings, passed her baton to Chris McVoy, he’s gotten elected over and over again. Why? Name recognition. That’s it. Is it about time for a change? Also, ALL VOTERS in Lake Worth vote for ALL district commissioners.

Want to learn more about Omari Hardy? See below for his phone number, email, Facebook page and more. “Say Yes to Progress”.

Mr. Hardy is facing an uphill battle. He’s challenging Commissioner Chris McVoy who has name recognition, an army of people from outside the City who will come in and knock on doors, and it’s a certainty he’ll receive the endorsement from The Palm Beach Post editorial board. That’s a given.

And, unlike in previous elections, voters need to hold McVoy accountable: Ever since he was hand-picked to represent District 2 by former Commissioner Cara Jennings back in 2010 he’s been very careful not to “stick his neck out”. Leadership is not McVoy’s strong point. His talent is criticizing anyone who takes the lead. And when issues do come up that someone with a PhD would be helpful solving? McVoy goes into the role of obstructionist instead.

Up against “name recognition” does McVoy’s challenger, Omari Hardy, have any chance of winning the election on March 14th? Yes. But it will be a tough slog:
  • Omari Hardy, and his supporters, have to knock on a lot of doors. A lot.
  • He has to explain his vision over and over again, and. . .
  • . . . not rely just on mailers, or social media as well, to explain his positions.
  • He needs community support.
  • And, most importantly, explain the reason why he would be a better choice to represent this City than McVoy.
If all that happens, and more, Mr. Hardy stands a chance. Want to learn more about Omari Hardy? Interested in helping him? Here’s how:
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Omari Hardy for Lake Worth City Commissioner, District 2.