Sunday, December 25, 2016

Garlic Fest coming to the County’s John Prince Park: Spread the word!

Start getting ready all you vendors, food trucks, chefs, crafters, and garlic-lovers everywhere! The “Best Stinkin’ Party” is only 46 days away (from today, Christmas Day) and that’s not all: then follows the Street Painting Festival in Downtown Lake Worth later in February:

Proceeds benefit non-profit organizations staffing the event.

For more about Garlic Fest use this link. Here are two excepts from their Stinkin’ website:

     The South Florida Garlic Fest is the epitome of homegrown talent and a cultural showcase providing an outlet for local artists and chefs to express themselves. In a variety of mediums, Garlic Fest serves as a gathering festival focal point for musicians, artist of every genre and culinary artists. Each year over 40,000 local South Floridians attend to enjoy the premier food and entertainment event in South Florida.

[and. . .]

     The Garlic Fest, affectionately nicknamed the Best Stinkin’ Party in town, now graduates to the best Stinkin’ Party in South Florida! The Garlic Fest is turning eighteen years old, and we figure that it is time to grow up. So, we’re taking everything that you always loved about Garlic Fest and making it bigger and better than ever before! We have outgrown our old space and sought a grander location. Our friends at Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation found the perfect new home for us at John Prince Park near Lake Worth, FL.