Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"In the Pink"? Is your neighborhood's infrastructure healthy and fit?

Before last Tuesday's LW2020 bond vote I posted a graphic about the CAUT PAC and Dennis Dorsey's contributions and where those contributions came from. Using the idiom "In The Pink" I urged people in this large area of Lake Worth to go to the polls. This area, In The Pink, has many areas in need of infrastructure: crumbling roads, missing fire hydrants, no sidewalks. In an editorial the Palm Beach Post referred to many areas of Lake Worth looking like the "Third World."

Here is the graphic I posted before the election last Tuesday:
The vote is over and now the City is doing what they need to do. News to come? We will see. Although we don't have all the voter data available there is much to be gleaned from the information available. The majority of precincts In The Pink, 8 of 10, had more Yes votes. There were 138 more Yes votes In The Pink. But it wasn't enough to overcome the votes East of Federal and West of I-95. Note the graphic below:
As you can see in the graphic above, had only a few more voters living between Federal Highway and I-95 come out to vote the result would have been very different.

Unfortunately, the more fortunate in Lake Worth, the neighborhoods with the best streets and services said "no."