Tuesday, July 15, 2014

State Senator Jeff Clemens at the June 17, 2014 City Commission - Lake Worth 2020 Plan

Transcript of an exchange between State Senator Jeff Clemens and the Lake Worth City Commission discussing the City of Lake Worth's 2020 bond vote on August 26 of this year. This transcript is from the Lake Worth City Commission on June 17, 2014. The exchange begins at the 20:15 mark and ends at the 21:40 mark on the city's website video of this meeting.

STATE SENATOR JEFF CLEMENS: I will make this pledge to you. If we can get a plan together to do an infrastructure project and then we will get a budget request together [for the legislature] to ask for money. And I will tell you this...

LAKE WORTH MAYOR TRIOLO: We are shovel ready.

STATE SENATOR CLEMENS: I will tell you this. Your commitment and the commitment of the people in the City to be able to do these infrastructure projects will play well when we are able to bring a project before the legislature. Asking the legislature for all the money to do a project almost never works. The City has to have skin in the game too. And so the large commitment you are talking about making, if that moves through, I will then be able to go to the legislature and say 'the citizens of the City have made the commitment to do it,' now it's up to us to try to find a way to help. And I will make it a budget priority of mine to be able to do that next year.

MAYOR TRIOLO: Thank you, we'll need you.

STATE SENATOR CLEMENS: Sure. I am happy to do that. I will tell you this, I voted against my last budget as mayor for two reasons. We cut our code enforcement department in half and we didn't put money towards infrastructure that I wanted to see us do. So I value very much the direction you are taking and I appreciate it immensely.

MAYOR TRIOLO: Thank you, Senator.


MAYOR TRIOLO: Thank you. Do you have anything?

CITY MANAGER BORNSTEIN: No, he hit it on the head.