Thursday, February 6, 2014

Purple flags go up as man-of-war float onto Palm Beach... |

A reminder for those that use the beach that this is the season for Portuguese Man-of-War. Do not go near what looks like clear, blue plastic on the beach. These are being carried in by the predominant southeast wind we are experiencing recently. Click title for link.
Even the shore can be treacherous when the balloon-like creatures wash ashore. Wotton warns beachgoers to resist temptation to prick the bubbles with sticks — the exhale of gas can send out a tentacle in the process. And digging near a beached man-of-war can uncover a tentacle. Even when the man-of-war is dead, the tentacle continues to pack a sting.
That sting can at the very least can bring even the most stalwart beach-goers to tears and at worst trigger an anaphylactic reaction that requires quick action and a visit to the hospital.