Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From a loyal reader of this blog and the Palm Beach Post...

I am a subscriber of the Palm Beach Post and am very happy with the newspaper. I subscribe to both the online edition and have the paper delivered every day. I also have followed the career of Andrew Marra. He's angered me on occasion but believe he tries to be fair on the issues. 
     Mr. Marra knows Lake Worth. I believe he lives in Lake Worth, or did at one time. Today, Tuesday 12/17/13, I retrieve the paper, sit down and go right to the editorial page, my habit.
     Here is what I find. "Barbara Aho, Lake Worth", wrote a letter to the editor.
     About potholes? Her thoughts on resurrecting Dixie Highway? The homeless in Bryant Park? Her thoughts on Lake Worth's future? A criticism of the Casino? 
     Here is the title of the letter Barbara Aho published in the Palm Beach Post: "Don't let kids climb on Lake Worth bear"s
     Not kidding.
     This Aho"le" called 911 when she saw children on the "FAO Bear in the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza." This "Ahole" tracked down a deputy who likely thought what I did, "why don't you go tell the children to get off the bear?" But, no, that would be too effective. The better story is to find another way to bash the PBSO. 
     This is how "Ahole" finished the letter to the editor, "concerned citizen deserves [a response from PBSO] for trying to point out obvious child neglect"? 
     Huh? How did this letter get past the editorial board?
     This letter was an overt attack on the PBSO. Period. The Palm Beach Post should know better and never publish this nonsense.
     But this is the real story: Letters to the editor with the "Lake Worth" origin all have one thing in common: none are registered voters in Lake Worth.
     I know because I check. 
     I am a big fan of the Palm Beach Post. Please just be more careful the letters you publish. 
     A big fan of the Palm Beach Post.