Thursday, September 5, 2013

Margaret says this: (via a comment on the previous ARSON post)

Until the new commission there's been a concerted effort to drive down the commercial and residential tax base. This was done by past commissions, their compliant city managers and the policies they enacted. Of this have no doubt. But the question is why? Virtually nothing was done in a substantive way to improve the lives of the most unfortunate. Nothing was done in a substantial way to attract business and industry. But the question I keep coming back to is WHY? I know Decker and also know Karson. I know almost all of them on that side of the "big divide". Without giving away my personal feelings and misgivings have tried to engage them in a thoughtful "well what then" conversation. What's the goal? How do you envision the city in ten, twenty years? And do you know what they tell me? Here's what they tell me: The city is just the way we want it to be. For Ms. Karson, to name one, the City should stay just the way it is right now. In perpetuity. Why tinker? My work takes me to the worst areas in the city's southwest areas and to some other equally dangerous areas not far from where Commissioner McVoy resides, and no, Lake Worth is not fine the way it is. Try not to get upset but it truly angers me that the vast majority of people defending the City "is just fine as it is" reside in some of the most privileged, well-manicured neighborhoods like Lakeside and Palmway, which, just by chance of course, happens to be overwhelmingly white. But that has nothing to do with anything, of course.